What’s A Niche?

Niche Defined

A niche is a smaller part of a larger object. In online business it is that smaller part of a larger item/product/services. Take for an example a car. It’s made out of many automobile parts. It has a battery, gearbox, alternator, fuel pump, tyre, head lamp, all these are motor vehicle components.

Even a small vehicle component, there’s  smallest parts in there, e.g. engine rings and bearings etc.

Niche examples

Let’s dive into online business. You’ll find a store that sell clothing. Men’s/women’s  clothes is a larger niche,

  • Under wears/pajamas,
  • Jerseys for kids, adults.
  • Shoes (Nike running shoes, Billabong sandals, socks/Nike socks etc.)
  • Handbags for women/men
  • Perfumes
  • Watches
  • Etc
Niche Marketing

When we look at niche marketing, it’s kind of advertising/marketing specifically focusing on that smaller category of items. Let’s look again at hiking for example. Some affiliates will develop a website for purposes of marketing hiking equipment & clothing.

Their sites simply promotes all product/services related to hiking. They make huge profit in the process. In a nutshell they specifically promote hiking items. Although hiking may be broad, but within hiking niche, you’ll find smaller niches, which you may promote and make money.

Popular Niches

The following are some of the popular niches online

  • Fitness & weight loss
  • Dating & relationships
  • Pets
  • making money online
  • Internet marketing
  • Perfumes, massage etc.
  • Personal finance
  • Travelling
  • Estate planning
  • ETC
Profitable Niches

I may be lying to you, if I say there’re niches which I know they’re profitable. All niches if properly promoted, they become profitable. Take for an example Amazon. Amazon affiliates are making thousands of dollars promoting their product. Others had failed to make a dime there.

Those affiliates who couldn’t succeed in promoting Amazon products did not have a marketing plan. Amazon has more than 500 million products available to affiliates to promote. You need a plan how to promote these products.

A niche plays a role here, out of 500 million items, which product you, as an affiliate plan to promote. Who’re your buyers of those products. How are you gonna find them. You can’t just go out there and promote anything.

What’s your Passion/Interest? 

You need to determine upfront what you like most, what you’re good at. You need to separate yourself from the crowd. Determine your passion/interest. Pick items you like most or familiar with. 

Search for buyers who have specific problem to address. Find them solutions to address those needs. You then have a niche

Final thought

What’s a niche? I’m sure you have learned what’s niche is all about. This article has highlighted some of the most important component about niche/s. I may be lying to you if I profess to be an expert in this subject.

There million articles online about niches, niche marketing, lucrative/profitable niches. I need to advice you. WHAT’S LUCRATIVE/PROFITABLE to someone, will not be the same to everybody. There’re billion buyers online trying to find solutions to their problems. Therefore there’s no one specific product to address billion problems

Online purchasing amounts to billion dollars. There’s no single hot sell product/service to market online. Your role is to determine what’s your interests/passion. Then align yourself with that particular passion. Determine which product you’ll promote. In that situation you’ll succeed in your online business. It will become profitable in the long run





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