What’s The Best IM Course For Newbies?






What’s The Best IM Course for Newbies, its a common question asked by aspirant internet marketers. My simple answer to this question is that, there’re literally thousands of them online.

The next question will be, Can I be successful, or make money after training. This one is difficult to answer, but I will try to tackle it below


The Importance of IM Training Course

All of us in real life require training before we undertake any project. Training equips us with skills to master any project we want to execute. The same goes for Internet Marketing. Any person who wants to succeed and build online business, require training of some kind.

Besides knowing IM industry,  one need to accumulate specific technical skills. Therefore training course in this industry is important, if not essential.   As a new person. you may have no  clue how to create a site, how Email, PPC, social media marketing  works. You can only acquire this knowledge through training.

There thousands of IM Course online, some are good but others are bad. I will mention few that I know may assist you

  • Affilorama.com
  • Warrior Forum.com
  • IM Report Card. com
  • Wealthy Affiliate.com
  • Etc

There are many more training modules about the subject, there’re also training video’s in that regard. As a newbie you have thousands training resources at your finger tips

Which one is the best IM Course

This is the difficult question to deal with. To give my opinion, it depends on the course content itself. Any training initiative must include the following training modules;

  • How to decide on an appropriate domain as well as to host it
  • How to create website
  • How to create content for your website
  • How to create images for you site, & where to find the them
  • How to promote your site on Google, Bing.com etc
  • How to analyze your site performance
  • How social media works
  • How to correctly market your site on social media
  • How email marketing works & how to correctly market your site using email marketing
  • What’s PPC marketing
  • How PPC Marketing works & how to use it correctly
  • How to market your site using PPC marketing
  • This is not an exhaustive list, there are many more tasks to learn

Can you make money after training

Making money and undergoing training are two different scenario’s. Most newbies have a perception that after getting training, money will start rolling in. Research findings suggests that 96% of newbies fail to make success in IM industry. The primary reason for this shocking truth is that many newbies enter the industry to make money, but fail miserably

There’s no training initiative online and offline that teaches people to make money. All training courses are designed to train people and acquire certain  skills. In the IM context, the primary objective is to train everyone to accumulate skills to successfully master the subject, not money making

Final Thought

I’m not trying to hide anything here, I’m just trying to give my honest opinion, nothing more, nothing less. May be you have come across similar posts online. However, more than 60% of IM are the best. Others are the worst.

A word of advice to  you and other newbies. Once you have decided to enter IM industry, and have acquired training, that is the beginning of a long journey. The journey to make IM industry work for you, i.e. to make money is one of the toughest and difficult challenges you have never come across in life.

There are more than thousands Best IM Course for Newbies online, but one of the worst challenges is to make it work. No IM training course can make you succeed, it’s you who can make it work.








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