What’s Your Biggest Setback In Your Online business?







During engagement with my subscribers, I have asked them, about their biggest setbacks in online business. In the paragraph below I have identified some of the common obstacles they experienced in their online business projects.

What are their biggest setback in their online business. Although they enlisted variety of them, but the following obstacles are common among all of them

  • Expecting quick results

This is one of the main challenges for new comers here. May be you were lured by some gurus somewhere, that starting online business is lucrative & easy project. But you hit a brick wall.

Well, how do you overcome such challenge. Just look around and ask any successful business person offline how he made it.

It took them years to be where they are now. You must also expect the same, if you want to stay longer in any online project

  • Lack of concentration (online distractions)

This is another biggest obstacle. The internet has more than billion users and products you can think of. We like searching for things we don’t have online. They’re always within out finger tips. There’re articles, video’s, pics, or anything you may thing about.

We tend to spend a lot of time surfing the web and looking for certain things we like. The most important thing we forget is why we are here in the first place. Surfing the web may be a good thing, but spending your precious time on unimportant things is a bad idea. You need not forget that, you have a project to execute, i.e. online business to run

  • Lack of time

Some of us are on full time employment. You have only spare time to work on your online project. From my experience people who work 8 or 9 hrs. of full time work, only have 3 hrs. of spar time

Now if you have 3 or 4 hrs. to build online business, that to me is a challenge. It will take you many years to succeed. Don’t get me wrong, there’re people offline who work full time and study for diploma or degree partime. They have achieved two three or more degree qualifications

How do they do it. It’s nothing else but commitment and dedication.

  • Procrastination

We have a tendency of dreaming about something. That’s not a bad idea, but at times you need to put those dreams into reality. You need to put them into actions or stop dreaming about them. Time is money, time is our precious resource.

We need to use it fruitfully to accomplish our dreams. If you start a project, leave aside and think that, you will attend to it tomorrow or the other day. You not productive in your life. They say, time waits for no man. Procrastination is the thief of time. Thus use your spare time to accomplish your dreams

  • Being overwhelmed by social media activities

I have mentioned this aspect supra, but I will interrogate it further here. Social media platform have more than billion users. It’s a social platform where online users interact, share information, pics, photo’s, video’s, current affairs and more

Since this platform has billion population, one is inclined to visit it every now and then. To me it’s distractive in your online business project. Try to spend less time on it. Focus more on what you are here for. For starters allocate 30 min or 1 hr. time on specific days on social media

  • Lack of consistent content creation

Writing content for your website or rather working on it on daily basis is a must do. People online want to know what your project is all about. You thus have to continuously write posts/pages. Keep engaging with your visitors. On that note they will keep visiting it.

  • Consistent call by family to quit

Our families and friends love us. They love what we do, they support everything we do. But if they see no results in our effort, they advice us to quit, because they don’t like to see us suffering. I’m not saying they are right, but tell them that. in order to succeed in life one has to hard work, expect to fail. No pain no gain. quitting is not an option

Final thought

What’s Your Biggest Setback In Your Online business?  and how to overcome them have been alluded to supra, Learn more below;








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