What Kind Of Internet Business Are You Persuing?






I know it may sound simple. What business model are you interested online? The general answer from my followers is that, “I want make money on internet “Finding out which category of business you fall into, will help you shape your plans.

Broadly speaking, the internet can facilitate business in three ways, supporting an existing business, selling physical goods and services; and finally selling online services and information.

Selling goods

It’s in the selling of physical goods that the real – world benefits of using the internet. If you wanted to set up your own small supermarket, there’s no way you could compete with large online retailers, both electronic, physical and marketing.

Compare this with setting up an online retailer. All the infrastructure – including stock management, product display and payment processing – can be purchased or rented at a low cost. Services such as Ebay shops and Amazon Marketplace, you can use their infrastructure  to sell your products

However, what is crucial in this industry is to choose your a specific line of business. Something that triggers your interest. This is referred to as “niche” (baby clothes, football lessons for under 8yrs, men’s clothing/perfumes etc.).

You may think that you can tackle any business project, like selling goods and become successful. I need to warn you that there’re million sellers online, many of those may be currently selling the same goods you plan to sell.

Selling goods online is not a problem. The challenge is to know how, where and to whom to sell. When people search for goods online, they want to address their own individual specific needs

My next question will be, do you know what are those needs. Who else is selling them. Does he/she succeed in selling, what profit is he/she generating. These salient questions you need to ask yourself. Answers to those questions are not readily available.

Do you have selling/marketing strategy?

Yes, you do have marketing strategy, i.e. email, social media PPC marketing. You have been told by others that you can search & find them online. In the past, developing a squeeze page was most common method used for attracting buyers to buy. 

From my on experience, I have tried them but failed. I did not fail because I was stupid, but I have ignored the training aspect of it. In short I lacked training how to effectively use squeeze page method.  Those who were successful in using them did not tell us, how to use it properly. Instead they provide me with training tutorials which costs me a lot of money.

Those tutorials failed miserably to teach me how to apply them in practice. I ended up getting training but couldn’t apply them.

Final thought

If you haven’t thought about what business model you want to pursue, you need to take a break & seriously think about it. You can’t enter the internet platform without knowing what you plan to sell , since there’re billion products available to you.

Furthermore, you must first determine what you’re good at, in other words, what’s your passion, interest. Your interest may be something you like and have passion about it.

Your next step is to find people who share the same feelings, searching for products you like most. In that way, you would have accomplished a milestone. Thus it is important to ask yourself, What Kind of Internet Business Model Are You Persuing ?








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