Learn Why Business Fails & How To Make It Succeed?

What makes business fail








I guess its lack of financial means to keep it running. Yes it is true a business without financial means will not survive long period. Any business needs money to keep it going. Lack of financial resources causes the business entity to collapse.

Is it the business that fails or the owner?

What if I disagree with you, or the above statement. Your business its you, it belongs to you, its controlled, managed by you. It cannot controls and manages itself.

Again, you are the leader and the one who must lead the way. It can generate no penny and it can generate huge income, the buck stops with you. If you plan to fail, definitely you will not succeed, you will fail, but if you plan to succeed you will never fail no matter what.

Planning to succeed

This sounds difficult, but its not. If you cannot manage $100, never think you can manage $100k, ask me. No business was set up with $1 000 000 initial capital, you begin with $10, $20 and end up owning $10 million business venture. There’s no silver bullet to succeed in life. You try something, you fail, try something else you get same results. You must go back to the drawing board, what makes you to fail, while others succeed

You need to conduct a  self introspection. The purpose is to determine where you fail and where you succeeded. Your good results may be minimal and your huge failures.

Determine what makes you to fail. Do an in-depth analysis of your effort. Check where you did well against what you didn’t bad. Surely you’ll get answers to your problems. Work on them to improve where you didn’t do well. It may take you long, but it can be done 

Start small and grow and big

The secret of big business is that they start with no capital and grow. You can too start at low level and grow bigger. How, every dollar you generate must be earmarked at generating more dollars. Treat your business venture like your child.

You support him/her from early stages of life development until he/she attains higher level education and rewarding employment. This is similar to business, the method you use in upbringing your child is the same method you should use to up bring your business.

Qualities for establishing a business

What qualities required to establish a successful business. There are many books about this top, even articles online. You can read dozens of them, the bottom line is that you need a winning spirit. A combination of commitment and dedication of what you plan to do and what you plan to achieve.

Some big company owners don’t read business books or magazines, they do things, plan, think about winning. That is a magic formula for successful business. The issue here is to stand up learn how things are done. Talking about success differs from executing success plan You must be a doer not a talker. That’s what separate winners from losers







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