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Today, we are living in constant change. The environment, people, trends, needs and desires are constantly changing and, since everything is inherently linked together, it’s all affected if one
aspect changes. It’s the same in the business world. Consumer trends and needs regularly change and it is important for business owners to adjust accordingly.

What’s customer feedback?

Customer feedback is information that you get from your clients about certain aspects in your business. In order for the information to be valuable, the feedback must be very specific and targeted. Hence, you must obtain feedback about a specific aspect of your business from the right group of people.

Customer feedback is usually obtained directly after a large marketing campaign or during market research for new products, but there is no rule that stipulates when it must take place. You can get it at any time, about any aspect. It’s an excellent option if you want to keep up with consumer trends, needs and desires.

 Various methods can be used to collect customer it. However, this is determined by the type of information, which you require, and your target group.

Why It’s important?

As we already mentioned, we are living in constant change. In order for your business to be successful at all times, a degree of adaptability is crucially important. A fantastic way to be aware of changing trends is through customer feedback. 

The information, which you receive from your clients, offers you an opportunity to see your business from their point of view. This will enable you to adapt your business accordingly, so that it always satisfies your clients’ needs and keeps up with the trends. In addition, It also gives you an idea of how your clients experience your service.

It’s a good way to see if your business’s service delivery is up to standard and what areas can be improved.

Methods to obtain information

There are various ways to obtain information from your clients. By selecting the right method, and applying it correctly, you could gain fantastic insight into your business. In this way, you can ensure that you always keep up with needs and trends, and your business could go from strength to strength.

 1. E-mails

If you have a good database of your clients’ e-mail addresses, it’s a wonderful way to obtain customer feedback. In this way, you can reach a large number of clients in one go.

But, make sure that your message is not too long. By sending a short and powerful message, with only a few questions, clients will be more willing to read it quickly and to send their valuable feedback to you.

You need be careful not to e-mail your clients too much. When people receive lots of e-mails from the same business, they won’t even open the them. However, e-mails are a very easy and effective way to obtain customer feedback.

2. Online surveys

This type of customer feedback usually involves more questions and can be very comprehensive at times. Surveys must be designed and planned very strategically in order to yield valuable information. Programs such as “Survey Monkey” are freely available on the Internet for you to use.

This program allows you to design a survey online. You could then include the link to your personal survey in e-mails or smses. What’s wonderful about this program is that it provides you with a summary of all the data in a document. Hence, you don’t have to go through every completed form yourself to see what each client said.

3. Rewards for feedback

Since it can sometimes be difficult to obtain feedback from your clients, you could consider rewarding your them for their feedback. You can reward your clients with regard to any of the methods mentioned above.  When they provide you with feedback. By giving a free coffee, a small discount on your services

Or even a gift voucher as a reward, more people will be willing to take part in your customer feedback campaign. The rewards don’t have to cost you a fortune; these days, people are prepared to put in more effort just at the mention of something free.

4. Social media

If you have a few social media profiles at your disposal, you could also use them to obtain customer feedback. People tend to talk easily about businesses’ services on social media and, hence, you could obtain good insights through these profiles. 

For those of you who are fairly active on social media, you could consider holding a chat session. This enables you to ask your clients a direct question, such as through your business’s Facebook page, and to instantly receive feedback. In this way, clients can provide comments about your business, and you can use the valuable information to make your business even better.

5. Remember this!

Every time that you communicate with your clients, you must think carefully about what you want to say and how you’ll say it. Think carefully about the questions in your feedback campaign in order to ensure that you will obtain the information that you require. 

Be creative in the way that you package and distribute the questions. When something appeals to people, such as by using an attractive design and interesting facts, they will be more inclined to co-operate.

Always ensure that your clients know that you have their interests at heart, and that the reason why you want to obtain feedback from them is because you want to improve the service, which you provide. 

Finally, keep in mind that all comments are valuable. In some cases, you will obtain criticism. It’s not always nice to receive criticism about your business, but the fact that it’s been brought to your attention means that you can do something about it.

Final thought


It’s possible that most business owners have not made the effort to obtain any feedback from their clients so far, purely because they did not realize the value of it.

I suggests that you definitely consider making feedback an important part of your marketing strategy. Since you can obtain feedback at any time, you will be able to adjust your marketing and your business according to constantly changing trends.

By adjusting according to trends and needs, your business will achieve more success. Customer feedback gives you insights into how your clients think and feel.

Smart business owners, such as yourself, can harness these insights to take your business to the next level. With good planning, you can compile a powerful feedback plan.







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