Why You And Your Family Need An Online Business?






During the past couple of decades, the world’s economy has changed considerably. The trend to move toward global, online shopping even for daily use items such as toiletries has not only exploded but has in many instances become a necessity. The “new normal” is online shopping

There’s no reason why YOU sit on the sideline while others, willing entrepreneurs reap the benefits. Not only do you build your own, easy to operate online business, you also get to help consumers worldwide to bring the products they need, to their doorstep

Word of WARNING, everything won’t happen on its own, and the money is not simply going to fall into your lap. Like with everything else in life, you, will have to put some effort in, to get something out. 

However, if you’re prepared to put in the limited effort that is required and if you’re prepared to grasp this opportunity with enthusiasm, you could succeed in creating a very lucrative income source for you and your family, free from the hands of government, with their lockdown regulations and all.

You’d be surprised by the number of who already own business online, and would not exchange it for anything in the world. We know of medical doctors, lawyers, educators, engineers, secretaries, plumbers, millennial and even school – going learners who have online business. Why?

  • First, there’s the income. We know of a teacher, for example, who earns more from her online business, than she does teaching. We also know of a prominent doctor, who earns almost the same amount of money from his online business, as he does from his practice
  • The income from online business provides financial security, even if a person has a high income from another source. If something goes wrong, which could easily happen during this crisis, you’ve an online business to fall back on
  • An online business is an ideal and inexpensive way to create work for a family member, such as a child or spouse. These days, an online business is definitely a must, if not for yourself, then for your family. 
Establish your own online business within minutes






An online business can literally be established in a matter of minutes. Most people make the mistake of thinking that it’s an expensive and complicated process to establish it. because – as they believe;

  • expensive website is required;
  • Many instructions must be given to web designers;
  • An expensive product must be bought and sold;
  • Difficult marketing has to be undertaken;
  • And those credit card facilities must be obtained for customers to make payments. 
  • Well, you’re wrong

All you need to do to establish your online business is to;

  1. Go online and visit Shopify where a web page will open, 
  2. Enter your email address and start a free trial
  3. Decide on a name for your business, such as, Advanced Healthcare & Beauty
  4. Select your own business name, enter it when requested & complete all the steps
  5. Your now own a Shopify store. All of this is free. 
  6. Shopify will provide you with a free option to download their Oberlo app. which allows you to easily select a website store template
  7. Find suppliers and products and add them to your Shopify store.

Everything is automatically added to your online store by pushing a few buttons. Taking such steps, you’ve established your online business.

You now automatically market from your free website via Facebook and Google. Customers are taken to your supplier’s website where they place their order and insert their credit card details

Your supplier will then ship the product directly to your customers and pay your commission into your  bank account. The above is not difficult to do. Clear instructions guide you through every step you need to take, until your website is up and running.






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