Basic WordPress Guide For Dummies








Website: Amazon Kindle Book Page

Price: $24


Owners: LS Wilson

Overall Rank: 4 out of 5

For Who: Beginners

Book Overview:

The Good:

This is an ebook written & published at by LS Wilson. The selling price is reasonably very low. The purpose of the book is to show those of you who have no basic knowledge of creating a blog or website using WordPress. It organized into the following chapters;

  • Understanding wordpress
  • Why use wordpress
  • WordPress hosting
  • Setting up wordpress
  • Creating a website
  • Setting up wordpress basics
  • Flexing & extending WordPress
  • adding contents
  • installing plugins
  • Creating menus & widgets etc

The book is a valuable resource to beginners, because it provides basic fundamentals of wordpress information. For those who’re scarred of web design & development, it takes away all the fears of building a simple website. Any online users need a website these days to  make him/her present online. The book provides that opportunity for those who feel excluded in the internet world for simple reasons of not having a website.

The Bad:

The book was first published in January 2021 at Amazon Kindle Store. However there’re other books about WordPress which are free giveaways. The guide only teaches the basics of creating  just a simple site

It doesn’t teach you all the web development dynamics. Once your simple site is up and running, you must also expect to encounter a bit of WordPress glitches, which includes html code errors, site malfunctioning. These technicalities sometimes require some expert knowledge. The book doesn’t provide such information.

Overall overview


Although it was published, However it’s still relevant and appropriate in WordPress world. It was earmarked for beginners who have no knowledge about website development. But does not take away valuable information contained therein. The information it has, will enable beginners to get an understanding  about WordPress functionality going forward.

I have alluded above that the book serves as a simple guide to get started creating your own site. In case you have come across companies offering to create website, just ignore them for a while and try to learn the basic process of creating one. It will assist you to acquire basic web development skill. 

If you have learned from the book how to create a site, have taken steps to create one but you experience some obstacles, you’re free to contact WordPress support for help. In the normal cause of event, WordPress has FAQ platform where you post your question related to site malfunctioning, platform members may provide assistance.

However, from my own experience with FAQ support, your question may be replied by members who have advanced web development knowledge, they have a tendency to regard you as someone who have the same knowledge. What they normally do is to reply to your question as if they’re talking to an experienced website developer. I’m referring to WordPress jargon, a language that may be foreign to you as a newbie.

In that situation, can assist you to handle your site malfunctioning at a small fee,($5 per specific gig). The book WordPress Guide to create a website is a valuable tool to acquire basic web development knowledge









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