Simple Methods To Start Small And Grow Big


There is maxim that says you need money to make money. How exactly possible I don’t know. You cannot walk into the bank and ask for money to make money. Neither your family members will assist either. The only thing you can do is to use the financial skills/resources that you have to generate income. Money does not grow anywhere or on trees.

What must I do to generate income?

I told you above, about using what you have, I mean the little income you receive, either from your current employment, or cash you save somewhere. Create a detailed personal plan, no cut and paste plan from sources elsewhere, I mean your own plan.

Never underestimate the income you have. You earned the current income long time ago. You provided necessities for your family. The income you have is the very same income you must use to generate more income. But what if you earn low salary, i.e. your monthly/weekly income is less that your home bills.

If that’s a case, you must revisit your budget. Make a long list of all your debts. Not every home item is a necessity. Some items are there in your house for no use. You need to check your monthly purchases. Ask yourself whether some goodies are nice to have or need to have. 

Niceties must be taken off your purchase list, and focus on purchasing needies.  

Use your own income

Its not bad to start with $10, think small and grow big. the fact that you are reading this post, is not by mistake. You have started already to think small for the purpose of growing big. Facebook, Google do not worry about how to grow their business. They have already plans to grow big. the only thing they do is to implement their growth plan.

They don’t purchase eBooks, articles etc. about growing their business. May be their plan, is to attract 4,5 billion users in certain period. What they normally do is to change their privacy policy, which will attract more users, that does not cost a dime.

You can too do as they do. Purchasing a domain and building a small website is a step in the right direction. I mean a domain name that costs $7 per month is enough. I’m sure everyone can afford $7 every month.  Once started you won’t look back.

You have your own resources, i.e. skills, time, small income then take off. To develop your own unique growth plan is not a rocket science.  You don’t need training. One thing you need is a vision to grow small and become big. 

During past 10,20 years ago, you had never imagine that you would ever be where you are today. But when you look back, you’ll be astonished how many tasks you had accomplished

Putting away $100/pm in an investment account may be difficult. But as time progresses, it may be something very simple. In 5,10 years it will be very easy to invest $1000, $5000/pm. Don’t procrastinate don’t dream about starting small and grow big. It all begins now.








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